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​Hi, Welcome to Bennett's Chemicals and Fragrances, 

Our​ vision is committed to providing the best services and products available to our customers by our customers. 

To provide all your household cleaning and laundry solutions in a quick and easy time frame. The core of our business is to make your life hassle-free and to get you all the supplies you need with just one click or phone call away. 

Avi Laundry Products 

Need to do your laundry ? Let us bring you what you need hassle free. We offer quality products that smells really good and tough on stains

Our Avi cleaning products include our various line of Fabric Softener and Laundry soap.  Use these products together to achieve soft and fragrant clothing. 

Rhea Cleaning Products 

Cleaning does not have to be difficult. We will reduce the tress with quality germ killing, stain removing and odor eliminating products.

Our Rhea cleaning products are essential to every household.  These products include our 3% bleach, all purpose soap and our various fragrance of disinfectant.  All you need to have your house feeling clean and smelling fresh. 

Needs Delivery Service 

Need to run an errand or deliver a package but stuck at home or do not have the means to do so? Look no further as NEEDS delivery will take care of all your delivery transactions for you. Our fast, reliable and efficient drivers will get the job done for you



We know the hassle of having to struggle with a 10 lb bottle from the store to your home or to want a product but don't have the time or transportation to get them. We reduce our customers' effort by taking the products to them.

Free Empty bottles

We prefer to exchange your empty bottle for a full one. However, we will give you your first bottle free. Just promise us you will keep it to exchange for a full bottle

Loyalty Program 

Take advantage of our loyalty program. We care about our loyal ​customers who always support us. We will give you a free combo one you purchase any 10 combos. It i​s as simple as that.

Subscription Service 

Bennett's Chemicals and Fragrances Subscription Service was created in

response to our loyal customers' need to always have products when they want it, without having to worry about same-day payment. Customers are able to order products and reap all the benefits and pay on a fortnightly basis.

Ecogo Recycle Program 

We care about the environment. All gallon bottles are recycled to reduce our carbon footprint. Customers are given the option to retain their bottles for a $25 discount off their order. This initiative not only saves money but also saves the world one plastic bottle at ta time. 


Bennett's Chemicals Loyalty Program 

Take advantage of our loyalty program. We care about our loyal ​customers who choose to always support us. We will give you a free combo if you purchase 10 combos. It i​s as simple as that. 

COVID-19 Order App

We care about our customer's wellbeing.  During this pandemic, we will offer a wide range of services to reduce contact under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

  • Order via our website. 
  • Your product will be delivered to your location.
  • Pay via Wire transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card and Cash
  • Free Delivery if you use coupon code STAYHOME.
  • No need to leave your home or business.
  • Constant sanitizing and wearing of a mask.


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Customer Survey  

Hel​p us to make our service better by answering j​ust a few questions. 

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